Henna Brows

Who doesn’t want all-natural, vegan-friendly beautiful brows?

Henna Brows has become the talk of the town for brow service all over the world. Beautiful Butterflies is the only service that delivers quality henna brow tattooing services with a vegan henna brand. So it lasts longer and helps enhance better growth of your eyebrows. The coverage of the color is pretty close to natural brown to no one will ever be able to tell that your brows are henna’d up!

Bolder, bigger and thicker brows are now a possibility, without the commitment of a tattoo or the longevity issues of a brow pencil. Our expertise allows us to deliver the best henna brows services in Perth. Our devotion and attention-to-detail prove that our services are highly specialized in the market. Hence, henna brows services Perth not only deliver high-end technical services but provide convenience to our valuable clients. We believe in enhancing your beauty and deliver on that promise, every time!

The only difference between regular tinting and henna brows is that tinting stays for a couple of days whereas henna brows can last for several weeks. This is the most highly recommended treatment that makes your brow game strong and makes it intense and much bolder.

If you are ready to look beautiful and bold with prominent brows, then book our service today and get the best and beautiful henna brows services Perth. Our brow specialist will make sure that they sculpt the best eyebrow on your face with henna brow treatment.

The secret to framing and defining your face is brow shaping. It is rare to have natural beautifully sculpted, but with our professional henna brow experts, you can achieve your desired eyebrows. We are just a call away.

We also provide consultation and advice you how to grow your brow and get them into the shape we understand your struggle with brows while plucking or waxing. But it is never too late. We are here to rescue you! Our professional brow experts will help you how to maintain and keep your brow game the best. We can give you a balanced eyebrow concerning your face and make your features more prominent. We will help you achieve fuller and better brows with growth serum application. It will help your brows to maintain the growth and shape.

Brow henna lasts for 7-14 days on the skin and 4-6 weeks on the hair shaft. Since it is a semi-permanent skin stain that encourages growth by keeping the skin at a normal pH level while keeping the hair shaft moisturized, we assure you of the quality of experience you will have with us.

Brow Henna price includes full assessment, consultation, and design. It is an art of uncovering the potential of enhancing one’s eyebrow through henna; this can only be achieved when specialist will put attention to detail and sculpt fine lines through the brows. It also enriches your natural beauty and instantly transforms your experience. With the use of real knowledge and skill, we can achieve miracles that were possibly unattainable. So what are you waiting for? Call us now!

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