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Do you want to glam up with sexy, seductive lashes that beauty frame your eyes? Or are you about sweet, alluring and demure lashes for an elegant and sophisticated look?

Our Perth-based lash extension services will give you the lashes you’ve always wanted. These long-lasting eyelash extensions are applied to help you create the perfect eye look. Our technicians will provide you with the length, curl type and lash style that you select. You can count on us at Beautiful butterflies for the best eyelash extensions possible.

Beautiful Lash Extensions services Perth start with a consultation before the process is initiated. Your lash tech will take tiny strands of hair and attach it to your natural lashes, giving you the lashes you’ve always wanted. Ticker, longer and more defined than ever, your lash line will thank you by the time we are done with it. Our well-equipped and expert aesthetician will discuss how you want your eyelash extensions to look. And guess what? We will surprise you with our fantastic range of eyelash extension options. We will only begin the process once you are satisfied with your lash tech’s vision for the resulting look.

We make sure that eyelash extensions are made from PBT, plastic bristles of a toothbrush are made from. The technique involves carefully joining one or more lashes to a natural lash. The lash technician will continue to apply lashes until the desired look is achieved, and then repeat the process on the other eye. This process usually takes 1-3 hours, and lash length can range from 6 to 14mm.

We have licensed technicians that carefully apply the lashes by attaching the tiny hair of extensions one-by-one to create a look that is natural yet dramatic. Once the process is done, lash extensions will last through your natural eyelashes though every person has different lash growth. This process will take six to eight weeks. However, most beauty technicians recommend touch-ups every three weeks or so.

Yes, wearing falsies can get you great lashes as well. However, the trouble is that false eyelashes can get heavy and putting them on is messy. Who wants to deal with the glue and constant touchups? Not us!

Our lash extensions are a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of deal! These can last for up to 3 weeks, and as long you come in for your weekly touch-ups, no one ever has to know that you weren’t born with long, luscious and lustrous lashes.

Eyelash extensions are a growing trend these days and for a good reason. Celebrities, even the women you see all around your way to work are having thick and voluminous lashes. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful, with perfectly enhanced features? We stand out from the crowd due to high-quality products and services. Our eyelash extension experts want you to look the best… always.

We are now in an era of quick beauty and fast results. Nothing encapsulates these trends like our lash extension services. Our clients love us for professional and responsible services. They know that your beauty is our number one priority and you deserve only the best and highest quality products.

We value your trust in us and how you put your faith in our services. We aim to provide professional beauty services with a touch of creativity and exclusivity that fulfill the demands of our customers.

Get in touch with us now for state-of-the-art Lash Extensions services in Perth. We promise you fuller, longer and darker lashes that are soft to touch and comfortable to wear for weeks at a time. Call us now to get an appointment.

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