They say eyes are the windows to the soul! If that’s true, then lashes and brows are the frames to the window. Let us help you flaunt your look with the hint of tint!

Tinting will give you fuller looking brows and lashes that are put together correctly. It enhances the overall persona of your look. Expert aestheticians can give flourishing tint that can transform your brows within minutes with eyebrow tinting services in Perth. Beautiful butterflies provide you with the best tinting service will all professional techniques either it be eyelashes or brows. Our Eyelash tinting services in Perth offer some quality treatment that enhances your features and makes you look more natural and outrageous.

Our professional tinting service will help our customers to get more prominent brows and lash line. If you are a person who has light brow and lashes, then tinting is the best solution to make your eyes look beautiful.  Our experts are well-trained and help you choose from our wide variety of tinting colors for brows and lashes. We offer custom blended colors, volumes to your lashes and stays up to three to four weeks.

We believe that if you tint there will be no fuss tomorrow. However, our specialist makes sure that they tint even the finest and tiniest hairs, leaving each brow with a healthier loo and every lash look more volumetric. No need to stress yourself anymore! We are here to get you the best beauty solution and makes you look gorgeous. It makes your features look sharper than ever before.

We recommend you to lightly massage our custom made oil that will keep your skin hydrated and ready for waxing or tinting. Our specialists use professional techniques that give a beautiful flawless finish to your brows and lashes. We know your skin is delicate and we take complete responsibility for it.

Brows are measured and lightly massaged with custom blended oils to prepare the hair and skin for waxing.  The artist will use a specialized technique which creates a precise, individualized shape. The service is completed with a soothing blend of oils, application of brow powder, highlighter and gel to set the shape and create a flawless finish.


Brow tints are a more natural looking technique and last for weeks. With the help of our custom blend brow tints, you can achieve the desired shape and fullness to the brows. Eyebrow tinting services in Perth makes your brow more subtle and natural looking. Your expert specialist is the true artist for your brows, with the techniques he can do wonders. We authorize in all innovative brow techniques and on trend treatment. You can see our passion for our work of feature enhancement.


Our lash tint stays up with beautiful color for weeks and pops up through the face. Our tint formula is gentle enough that can be used by all sin types. Our Eyelash tinting services in Perth specialize in customized and safe eye lash tinting. It gives your lashes an oomph and volume that makes it even more noticeable. We made it easier for you to get the desired treatment under one roof. We provide quality service, efficiency, guidance and professionalism to our customers and retain them for life long. So what are you up to now? Get in touch with us to avail these cosmetic services right

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